One of the premiere rules when it comes to your child’s homework is that it’s THEIR HOMEWORK, not yours. That being said, there are things you can do to help your child handle their homework effectively.

11. With older kids, encourage them to use a school agenda to help them keep track of their assignments and upcoming tests.

2. Help them set up a homework schedule and specific place to do their homework.

3. If it’s not a project, homework is usually a review of what was learnt in class and they should be able to do it on their own. (This of course applies to older children).

4. When your child is doing homework, take this time to do adult “homework”: read a book, pay bills, etc. It will let your child know you are close by in case they do need help.

5. Read to your child. I can’t stress this enough! It helps younger children and encourages the older ones to make reading a daily habit.

6. Talk to your child about school. Even if you do not understand the homework yourself, you can listen and help them think it through. Studies show that just by talking about school, parents can improve their child’s chance for success.

7. Make sure your student has all the supplies they need so time is not wasted searching for pens, papers and other supplies.

Written by Cleo Neufeld

Cleo Neufeld

Before meeting the love of her life, Cleo was a single mother to a beautiful little girl for many years. She shares her expertise in single parenting, building a relationship, living on a budget and more.