It is that time of year folks… Prom! Think of the shenanigans they will be getting into and making memories to look back at when they are older. However, with all the joy and merriment of prom, there are some times where things go wrong. I’ve compiled a list of safety tips on how to have a safe prom.

Safety Tip #1: Talk About Peer Pressure
Peer pressure has a lot of bad mojo, and in some cases, it’s warranted. Quite often peer pressure drives kids to break the rules and participate in unhealthy and unsafe behaviors. Have a talk with your teen about the science behind peer pressure. When you think about it, it’s really just a primal need to impress others. It doesn’t sound hip to follow safety rules. Remind your teen/teens to rise above these pressures or turn peer pressure into a good thing by encouraging them to stick close to responsible friends.


Safety Tip #2: Have a Talk About Sex
So many teens feel a pressure to have sex or engage in other carnal activities on prom night. Whether your teen is dating someone or not, have an honest, candid talk about sex. Teens need to know the facts about sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy risks. It may be difficult to face the fact of your teen being sexually active, but you’re better off knowing and becoming a go-to for protection and/or questions. Talk to your teen about the dangers of sexual assault and make sure they really understand not to pressure someone or fall prey to someone else’s pressure to get sexually involved. Suggest that your teen goes with a group to any parties after prom.

Safety Tip #3: Talk to Your Teen About Drugs and Alcohol
Do some research and share the risks of underage drinking and over-drinking with your teen. Make sure they understand the ramifications of binge drinking and that alcohol poisoning can lead to death. Have a thorough talk to ensure that your teen knows about drugs and alcohol. Try to help them find other things to do instead of going to parties with drugs or alcohol.


Safety Tip #4: Discuss Curfews and Driving Safely
On prom nights teens are likely to be geared up, playing loud music and staying up late. Lower the risk of a car accident by discussing music volumes, being focused on the road and staying off the cell phone. If your teen is allowed to stay out late, make it mandatory that they check in once they arrive at their location safely and at predetermined times. If your teen is going with a group, consider having all the parents chip in for a limo or two to get them to their destinations and back.

Safety Tip #5: Remind Your Teen That Everyone Has a Camera
With security cameras, phone cameras and video cams all over the place, it is important your teen realizes not to behave in public in a way that might cause them trouble if it ended up on the internet. Many fail videos have been watched and laughed at when someone makes that oh so embarrassing or even fatal mistake.


Safety Tip #6: Colleges can take away what they have offered.
A college (or even future college) acceptance can be taken away for illegal or stupid behavior and for getting expelled from high school. Prom night is not a night on the strip (Vegas). What happens on Prom night can jeopardize their future!

Written by Cleo Neufeld

Cleo Neufeld

Before meeting the love of her life, Cleo was a single mother to a beautiful little girl for many years. She shares her expertise in single parenting, building a relationship, living on a budget and more.