You know those days when you are camping and it rains? Yea, not good! The kids will get bored and then what? I’ve got a few games that will keep the kids from being bored. Lets check them out!


Tent Game #1:  Word Trace

Take turns spelling a word with your finger on the next player’s back and see if he or she can guess what you are spelling. Keep the words appropriate in length for the age of participants.

Tent Game #2:  Madly Poetic

With this game its super simple, collect eight words for each person. Give each person his or her eight words, and they have to make an eight-line poem with each line using the words in consecutive order. Variations include using four words, requiring that the words be used in rhyming couplets:

1-First word
2-Rhyme first word
3-Second word
4-Rhyme second word
and so on.


Tent Game # 3: What Am I?

Each participant imitates an animal, and the others must guess which animal.

Tent Game #4:  Coloring Books

This is for younger kids but very effective. You coloring with your kids will pass the time.

Tent Game #5:  Who’s In the Bag


Who’s in the bag is easy, just take all the sleeping bags out and lay them across the floor. Pick one kid to be the detective. Take the detective into another area, so they can’t see what is going on in the sleeping bag area. Or if you are all in a tent blind fold the detective until everyone is ready. The players will pick a sleeping bag to hide inside of and the detective must guess who’s in each sleeping bag. It’s pretty simple and the kids really do get a kick out of hiding in a different person’s sleeping bag.

Tent Game #6:  The A-Z game

If you’ve forgotten the board games and it starts to rain – don’t worry there’s always I spy! But once that becomes boring why not try the A-Z game? Choose a topic, such as fruit and veg (for kids) or song titles (for adults), and then take it in turns to come up with something beginning with each letter of the alphabet. You might want to start thinking about vegetables beginning with the letter X now!

Tent Game #7:  One Line Story Game

Here’s a game everyone will love to play. You sit in a circle and tell a story with each person contributing a single word to build up the tale. It invariably leads to some bizarre and funny tales but as there is not long between each go it keeps everyone occupied.



Written by Cleo Neufeld

Cleo Neufeld

Before meeting the love of her life, Cleo was a single mother to a beautiful little girl for many years. She shares her expertise in single parenting, building a relationship, living on a budget and more.