Jo Alcorn's Family Friendly Man Cave by MarcandMandy

As cooler weather approaches, we will be spending more time indoors and now is the time to prepare our family rooms to be welcoming, warm spaces where the whole family can relax and kick back. In this segment of the Marc & Mandy Show, designer Jo Alcorn incorporated the homeowners comic books and figurines for a personalized feel. Here are a few other ways that you can personalize a family room:

Movie Posters:


This is a good idea. Plaster your walls with movie posters. They can be of movies you’ve seen recently, a collection of childhood favorites or movies starring a favorite actor.


Sports Themed Living Room:


For all you sports fans out there; this is for you! Jazz up your living room with posters, sports pillows, team blankets, etc. Then your guests can really know which team you and your family are rooting for!

Book Lovers:


For the family that loves to read. Have book shelves put into your living room with your family’s favorite books! They can be constructed with built in wall units which then gives your books easy access!

Display Your Hobbies:


Surely you and your family have hobbies? So why not display them? If you are into knitting, put a few baskets of knitting yarn on display throughout the family room. If you’re SO likes fishing, put up shadow boxes of display lures or put a fishing rod up on hooks on the walls.

Photo Transfer Pillows:


I know I’ve discussed photos already but this is a good idea! Make photo transfer pillows and display photos of your family throughout the living room.

Board Games:


If your family loves board games why not display them? You can put them on floating shelves, in display cases or even paint pictures of them. Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, Scrabble, the sky’s the limit.




Written by Cleo Neufeld

Cleo Neufeld

Before meeting the love of her life, Cleo was a single mother to a beautiful little girl for many years. She shares her expertise in single parenting, building a relationship, living on a budget and more.