The kids go back to school soon. Some parents are excited as their kids advance to the next grade level and others are not too thrilled that their baby or babies are growing up. I felt a mix of both. Either way, the first day of the school is a milestone you’ll want to capture with a fabulous photo or two. There are literally thousands of awesome back to school photo ideas out there. Here are a few of my favorites:

elementary pupils outside classroom talking to teacher

1. Meet the teacher – With the new school year, most children will also have a new teacher. Try taking a photo of your child meeting their new teacher. It’s sweet and simple and will be remembered by both your child and the teacher.

01212. The Friends Forever Shot – Most children have the year with their best amigos. Try gathering your child’s friends the day before school and taking different shots with them all together.

3. Frame it – The before school starts, get a blank frame and decorate it however you want. You could put balloons attached to it or the grade, year and school name. Use the decorative frame as a photo prop for back to school pictures. Get creative and your child will thank you for it when they look back at the memories you created.

4. Set up and play professional photographer – The week of the first day of school, set up a “photography stage” and surround your child with their school supplies as props. You might surprise yourself and others around you at how well you can set a stage.

5. Blackboard it – Try using chalkboards as props and surround your child with them and different drawings on them. This would make a fun photo if you keep doing it every year and 01collect them in a memory book.

6. Photo in a Photo – Here’s a fun idea. Have your child hold a picture of themselves from the year prior and continue this every year till they graduate.

7. 12 Years of Posing – Have your child pose the same way year after year and, if at all, possible in the same location. This will create consistency in a photo timeline of their school life.

8. When I Grow Up – This can be done with chalkboards or even dark posters. Have your child tell you what their dream job would be. Make a timeline and over time you’ll be able to see 0dbf7ec1ff9a927d98298089ca24d771their dreams change and futures form.

9. First Day of School Loves – Have your child stand against a wall or something of that nature and take a photo of your child and list the things they love at that time.

10. Tell Me About Yourself Bio – This is more for the students in high school and gives you a little more detailed info for your child as well as a kick butt picture. Your student’s photo can be really anything, so that part is simple. The rest is a series of questions that require a bit of thought. You can ask questions like: What is your goals for next year and why? Tell me a little about yourself. Do you have a favorite memory from the past year? Things like that to literally give them a bio for them to read years from now.

Written by Cleo Neufeld

Cleo Neufeld

Before meeting the love of her life, Cleo was a single mother to a beautiful little girl for many years. She shares her expertise in single parenting, building a relationship, living on a budget and more.