With Father’s Day right around the corner, it can be hard to find something affordable. Father, Dad, Daddy, Papa; whatever you call your dad, he’s a special guy. For those who are single parents (both mother and father), this is for you too.

M&M Bow Tie Father’s Day Card Idea (craftymorning.com)


Have your kid(s) make this cute M&M bow tie for their special guy. It’s super frugal with minimal items to purchase. It just might put a smile on dad’s face.

Materials needed:

⦁ Card stock paper or recipe cards
⦁ Ribbon
⦁ Glue
⦁ 1 bag of peanut M&Ms
⦁ Tape

Start by pinching the middle of the m&m bag and tie the ribbon in a knot around it. Make sure each side is filled evenly

Grab some heavy duty tape and attach it to the bottom of your card. Write “Happy Fathers Day! Love: Your Little Peanut” or “You’re Tie-Riffic Dad!”

You’re done! Perfect!

Cook His Favorite Meal

Dad probably has a favorite meal, so why not prepare it for him on Father’s Day? If the kids are old enough to help in the kitchen, they can “make” the dinner themselves with a little bit of help from you. Set the table with your best china and have the little ones make a special place mat for the seat of honor. You can also decorate the table with homemade cards for Dad. (barginbriana.com)

DIY Fathers Day Gift Bag

This “do- it- yourself” project is so simple I barely have any instructions! Here is how to transform a plain gift bag into a cute Father’s Day bag:

  1. Buy, find, or make a plain gift bag.
  2. Cut a tie shape out of a newspaper. Pick a section of the paper that is only text.
  3. Glue the tie onto the bag. You could also use double sided tape.
  4. Fill the bag with your fabulous gift and add some newspaper on top in place of tissue paper.
    That’s It! (simplyrebekah.com)

Simple things to put in this awesome bag
⦁ Homemade Photo – Make him smile by thinking outside the box and doing something sweet with his kids or grand kids and photographing it.
⦁ Make Dad Something for His Desk. Decorate an inexpensive notepad for his desk so he has happy thoughts throughout his workday.

DIY Grill Spatula


Items you will need:
⦁ BBQ Spatula (from the dollar store)
⦁ Fine to Medium Sandpaper
⦁ Scissors
⦁ Modge Podge
⦁ Foam Brush (dollar store)
⦁ Paint Pens

How to Make a Personalized Grill Spatula
1. If the spatula has any type of rubber handle carefully cut it off.
2. Lightly sand the entire wood handle with medium to fine sandpaper. This will help the paint stick to the wood handle.
3. Now you or your child are ready to personalize! The paint pens are a no-mess way to paint. The tips allow a child to write in paint with success.
With the paint pens, personalize the handle of the spatula any way you or your child wishes.
4. Allow paint too dry completely (about 15 mins). Once dry, add a coat of Mod Podge to protect the paint.

Now Dad has a useful and heartfelt gift he can use.

Written by Cleo Neufeld

Cleo Neufeld

Before meeting the love of her life, Cleo was a single mother to a beautiful little girl for many years. She shares her expertise in single parenting, building a relationship, living on a budget and more.