Tis the season my friends; the season we all wait for to eat, drink and make merry. Being a hostess can sometimes feel more tiresome than merry. Lets look at some tips to help make it a whole lot easier on you.

Forgetting the flaws is number one in entertaining. You will need to just let go of the image of a perfect holiday. Instead of zeroing in on the flaws of the party, think about what you can realistically handle. A good tip is to prioritize a list of the top things that absolutely need to be handled. Once your done that, go to the next till it’s all done.


Time is your friend. One of the most stress-inducing things about hosting a party is that you thinking your time is running out. Start your preparation early. If something isn’t done on time, your guests will not think ill of you if it isn’t perfect.

You are delegator extraordinaire! If you need help, learn to delegate. It doesn’t matter if you need help cleaning your yard or scrubbing the guest bathroom. Ask your spouse, child, or best friend to help out. Many hands make light work.

Don’t do complicated sit-down meals. Why make a bunch of complicated foods to try impress one of many people attending your party? Try cocktail foods or have a dessert night. Your guests want to come visit with you, they won’t think less of you if you don’t have chicken cordon bleu.

Mix up holiday cocktails ahead. Serve up pre-mixed drinks like eggnog and prepare batches prior. Not only will you make your lovely guests feel special with a signature cocktail but you may even save some money. Get one or two large beverage servers where you can mix up to 40 eggnog’s (or what ever you are serving). Set out glasses and trays with an ice bucket and 3your guests will serve themselves.


Upgrade your buffet. Don’t do the same boring, single line buffet. Set up various food stations through-out the space, creating movement and encouraging mingling. A good suggestion is to have one hot dish like risotto or chicken pot pie. Then have veggies and salad greens to the side and maybe a taco bar or deli platter off in another side of the room. Lay out small cups and spoons so your guests can sample and talk at the same time.

It’s the eve of the party. A really good tip is to set up as much as you can the eve of the party. This way, the day of the party you just have to set out the food and beverages. Do any rearranging the evening prior to the party, restock toiletries and clean towels, etc.

Festive fragrances are great! Don’t go broke on over-priced scented candles. You have a aroma lab right in your kitchen. Sliced citrus fruits, spices, apple cider on the stove, etc. There is something in your kitchen that can help out with giving your home an aromatic win.

Written by Cleo Neufeld

Cleo Neufeld

Before meeting the love of her life, Cleo was a single mother to a beautiful little girl for many years. She shares her expertise in single parenting, building a relationship, living on a budget and more.