Creative Camping Hacks by MarcandMandy

When you go camping, you want to make it go as smoothly as possible, especially when it comes to kids. After watching a Camping Hacks segment on the Marc & Mandy Show, I thought I would see if I could find more camping hacks for kids and families!

Camp Hack #1:  Foam Flooring


Take along your kids’ foam play mat to make the flooring of your tent so much more comfortable. It’s bright and fun and so much cheaper than other camping equipment options!

Camp Hack #2:  Glow Stick Games


Glow sticks alone are great for kids when camping, but you can even use them to create some fun night-time games. Why not try a cool game of night-time bowling?

Camp Hack #3:  Instant Lantern


Strap a flashlight to a container of water for an instant camping lantern that gives off a lovely glow to light up your tent or outdoor area.

Camp Hack #4:  Easy Pancake Pour


This one is not hard! Pre-mix your pancake batter before you go and put it in a washed out ketchup bottle.  Easy pour and way less mess!

Camp Hack #5:  Soap Pouch


You know as well as I do that kids will get dirty when camping.  So to have an easy way to get them clean, pack in a ziplock bag a bar of soap and a washcloth.  Easy access!

Camp Hack #6:  Shoe Organizer Now a Kitchen Organizer


Keep your campsite organized and clean with all of the cubbies in an over-the-door shoe organizer!  This is where it pays to have a show habit!

Camp Hack #7:  Toy Tub


Designate a toy tub.  This will make it easier to transport toys and you can keep them in one spot.

Camp Hack #8:  Antibacterial Wipes


Bring along antibacterial wipes in singles and put them in a bag so its less to carry and its super light.

Camp Hack #9: Don’t Buy Ice


Instead of trying to cram bags of ice into the coolers, try this hack.  Freeze bottles of water instead! This will save you a lot of space in your cooler.

Camp Hack #10:  Don’t Let Your TP get dirty


You know those coffee canisters you were saving for a rainy day? Well now its raining! Put your TP in a coffee canister to prevent them from getting wet and/or dirty!

Written by Cleo Neufeld

Cleo Neufeld

Before meeting the love of her life, Cleo was a single mother to a beautiful little girl for many years. She shares her expertise in single parenting, building a relationship, living on a budget and more.