So, with Spring on its way, I thought I’d find some cute crafts you can do with your kids this Spring. This list has super easy colouring pages, but also has some cute ideas for using up all those plastic Easter eggs you will see lying around the house soon. Enjoy!
Rainy Day Plate Craft

Here is what you need:

Paper plates
Blue and brown construction paper
Blue or gray yarn


– Cut the paper plate in half and decorate it with paint, markers or stickers.
– When it’s decorated, cut a handle shape out of brown construction paper and glue to the back of your umbrella (paper plate).
– Fold a long 1 inch thick strip of blue construction paper like an accordion.
– Draw a raindrop shape at one end and cut (this just saves time cutting out individual rain drops).
– Cut the yarn into short varying lengths about 4-6 inches long. Glue two raindrops together with the piece of yarn in between.
-Then tape the yarn to the back top edge of the umbrella and finito! All done.

Cardboard Tube Binoculars


What you will need:

2 cardboard bathroom tissue tubes
1 sheet camouflage felt
White craft glue
Craft foam to match your felt
6 rubber bands
40” piece of twine or yarn


– Roll up the cardboard tube inside the felt, gluing as you go. Trim off excess. Repeat for the other tube.
– Cut a strip of craft foam long enough to go around the end of the tube, about 3/4” wide. Glue the strip around the end of the cardboard tube, lining up the felt seam with the craft foam strip seam.
– Fasten with a rubber band. Repeat for the other tube.
– Cut another strip long enough to go around the opposite end of the tube, only this time cut it 1/2” wide. Glue as above and secure with a rubber band.
– Place the tubes side by sides with the seams facing each other. Put a rubber band around both tubes to hold them in place.
– Use a pen to poke a hole in the side of the tube, about 1/2” below the 1/2” wide craft foam strip. Insert the end of your twine into the hole from the outside of the tube. Bring it through the tube and tie a double knot. Trim off excess and gently pull the twine taut. The knot will keep the twine from coming back out through the hole. Repeat on the other side.
– Pipe a generous amount of white craft glue in between the two tubes, lip over and do the other side as well. Let them dry completely, several hours or overnight, before removing the rubber bands and using your binoculars.

Eggshell Seed Starters


Things you will need:

– Eggs
– Spoon
– Dirt
– Seeds
– Water
– Marker (optional)


– First thing you want to do is use some eggs. Have a cake you’ve been meaning to make? Now’s the time. Crack those eggs carefully, I suggest using a spoon, around the upper 1/3 of the egg. Remove the top and empty the egg into a bowl for whatever you plan on cooking.
– Rinse out the eggshell and allow to dry completely. It will be sturdy, but fragile, so handle with care.
– Fill the eggs 2/3 full of dirt and place 1-3 seeds in each egg. Cover with a light layer of dirt and press down gently. Use the spoon to add about 1-2 Tbsp. of water to each seeded eggshell.
– Set in a sunny spot free from drafts and wait for them to grow.

Paper Bag Bee Hand Puppet


What you’ll need:

– White paper lunch bag
– Yellow paint
– Sponge or paint brush
– Black cardstock paper
– Large googly eyes
– 2 white doilies
– Black marker
– Black pipe cleaner (cut in half)
– Scissors
– Glue
– Tape


– Start by painting your white paper bag yellow and let it dry completely. We like to cut a couple inches off the bottom of our paper bag puppets, so we did that, but it is optional.
– Cut three 1-inch strips from your black cardstock paper for the bee stripes. Glue them onto your paper bag making stripes of yellow and black.
– Fold one side of your doilies in about an inch to make a straight edge. Glue them on the inside flap of both sides of your paper bag.
– Glue your googly eyes onto your paper bag and use your black marker to draw a smile.
– Twirl the black pipecleaner pieces around your finger to curl them and tape each piece to the back of the bee at the top to make antennae, and your done!

Cheerio Bird Feeder


What you will need:

– Pipe cleaners (or plain wire if your kids are older)
– Cheerios
– Ribbon


– Thread the Cheerios onto your pipe cleaners. Leave a little space at each end so you have some room to work with.
– Carefully bend your pipe cleaner into the shape of a heart.
Tip: Its found to be easier to do this if one folded the pipe cleaner in half before putting the Cheerios on. That fold then becomes the top of your heart. Keep the bottoms open for now.
– Repeat steps 1 and 2 a few more times until you have your desired number of hearts. I made three.
– Connect your hearts and twist the ends of the pipe cleaners to close each heart.
-Attach a ribbon to the top and find a nice spot to hang it outside.

Written by Cleo Neufeld

Cleo Neufeld

Before meeting the love of her life, Cleo was a single mother to a beautiful little girl for many years. She shares her expertise in single parenting, building a relationship, living on a budget and more.