You’re pregnant, but you haven’t picked a name yet. Picking a name can be stressful for some parents. There are SO many names out there: and opinions on names as well! There are plenty of different options. A unique name? A popular name? A family name? A celebrity name? When I was pregnant, I found that picking a boy’s name was easy but I didn’t have a girl’s name picked until two weeks before I gave birth! Just for fun, here are a few ideas for names that can work for either a boy or a girl!

baby-cupcakes Alex

Alex is often a short form of Alexander or Alexandra but it can use used on its own as a unisex name. Alex means “Mankind’s Defender” – a great name for a strong, independent girl!


Bailey is an Old English name meaning Law Enforcer or Baliff and it commonly use for either a boy or a girl. Some people shy away from the name because of its connection to an alcoholic beverage but I think it’s cute.


This unisex name has a lot of celebrities associated with it; Cameron Diaz, Cameron Douglas and James Cameron for example. You can change it up with a K for Kameron if you want something a little different.


Now when I think of the name Darcy, I think of the oh-so-dreamy Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice. The name is quite adaptable and adds a touch a grace and sophistication. Darcy, Darcie or Darci: however you spelt it, this name works well for a boy or a girl.


Erin is a fairly common name with romantic, poetic Irish roots.


Traditionally, Francis is used as a boys name and Frances for a girl. The little rebel in us puts the “I” in there and Francis is now making a comeback for both genders.


It’s not entirely clear as to whether Glen came around as a surname or given first. What is crystal clear is that it really isn’t doing so well in the popularity rankings, (it was used mostly in the 1930’s). No worries, if you love this name, it’s a unique classic.


Ernest Hemingway fans unite! This name was first made popular by his first wife in the novel “The Paris Wife”. Other namesakes include Hadley Hale (Sookies cousin in True Blood) and Remy Hadley (House). Hadley is a great name with an air of sophistication and modernization for both genders.


Ira is a rare name with deep but classical roots for both genders. As a boy’s name, Ira can be linked back to King David and his 30 mighty warriors while the girl’s version can be traced back to the Greek version: Hera, Queen of the gods.


Jesse can be found everywhere. Jesse is traditionally a masculine name that dates back to Bible times (King Davids father). The name has surfaced many times since, for example: an outlaw (Jesse James) and songs like Jesse’s Girl (Rick Springfield). The name is fierce and daunting with a hint of rebellion(remember the 80’s?).


Kelly was once a male dominated name. It was made popular by the TV seris “I Spy” and by Clint Eastwood’s character in the war movie “Kelly’s Heroes”. It wasn’t till the 1970’s that it started being used for girls as well and is a popular girls name today (Kelly Clarkson, Kelly Osborne, Kelly Ripa, etc.)


Lee is a jack/jill-of-all-trades kind of name. It has Jamie Lee Curtis as a name sake as well as Bruce Lee. Lee means pasture and is short, simple and to the point.


Morgan was first established as a Welsh name, but now it’s commonly used more for girls then guys on this side of the pond. It means dweller by the sea and has name sakes like Morgan Freeman and the sorceress Morgan le Fay.


I know! Im just as surprised as you are. Nell means champion and bright shining one. It has the aura of great positive origins for either gender. Right now it’s more common for the girls because its charming!


Orion is a star in the heavens and its popularity rose in the ’90s. Its roots are found in Greek mythology which states Orion was a legendary hunter and a god of the ocean. Perhaps your baby will shine just as bright!


Parker is on a rise for both genders. It was voted the favorite among celebrities in 2013. The name has a bit of a jazz edge, as well as bit of indie and even sets off spidey senses.


A favorite unisex name among the Irish, Quinn means descendant of Conn or counsel. It has a sharp, attractive quality for both genders and has a song name sake from Bob Dylan (The Mighty Quinn). Quinn is also the name of a female character on Glee.


If you are all about trend then Riley is for you. This name is upbeat and modern with a twist of Irish in it. Riley means courageous and is one of the unisex names that just pops (in a good way).


Skye is an earthy name with Scottish roots that gained popularity in the ’80s, with thanks to the ever so popular All My Children and General Hospital. Skye is taking on a new approach in the edgy TV series, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.


For the parents who want a less common name, Tory is an adorable choice. It can be derived from Victoria, Torrence or Victor. Tory was most popular in the 70s.


Tory is a bit uncommon, but Uri is really rare. It’s not even in the top 100 but Uri is a strong but short first name that oozes potential. Uri’s meaning is my flame or my light in Hebrew and can be traced back to the Old Testament. It’s optimistic, kind and a bit unique.


Yes my friends, Vivian, which means life in Latin, can work for either gender. Vivian reached its highest ranking in the ’50s but seems to be making a comeback. This classical name comes from the Merlin enchantress. I know it sounds more girly but is actually used in Britain for men.


I love this name (not so much the season but the name is great)! This name takes a fresher approach then the traditional names of Summer and Autumn. Winter is a great name for parents who were inspired by the baby’s due date. It also sounds pretty awesome when it’s attached to Weston or Willow.


For those who like the name Andy, Xandy is a great version with a little more edge.


If you are looking for a winter name that isn’t Winter, but finding Noel and Christmas doesn’t suit, Yule may be a winner.


While I know a lot of you with teenage daughters know the name Zane (One Direction), if can also be spelt Zayne and works great for a girl or a boy. It has a tough cowboy name attached to it through the western novelist Zane Grey. Just don’t be to zany with it (sorry had to put that in there).

Written by Cleo Neufeld

Cleo Neufeld

Before meeting the love of her life, Cleo was a single mother to a beautiful little girl for many years. She shares her expertise in single parenting, building a relationship, living on a budget and more.