As moms, we know our kids need discipline but sometimes we make mistakes and only see it after the fact. Everyone does it, trust me; no parent is perfect. We just need to take a breath and learn from our mistake when it comes to discipline. Here are the most common ones.

2221. Yelling and Screaming: Yelling is quite often a sign of frustration or mental exhaustion. I remember being told once that if you’re yelling, you’ve lost control of the situation. Keeping clam, even when you’re frustrated or scared, is important to effective parenting.

2. No Follow Through: If you look around at child’s birthday party, you will always see at least one mother who is constantly chasing their child around and threatening different methods to attempt to discipline their child. When one threat doesn’t work, they try enough one instead of following through with the punishment. If you are not consistent with following through, your child will not respect you and your words.

3. Treating Each Child Individually: When there is more than one child, it’s easy for a parent to go to the “one punishment will fit them all” method but this isn’t always effective. I mean; one child may be devastated if you took a toy away while the other could care less. One child may react well to a time out while another just enjoys the peace and quiet. No one discipline method works for all.

4. Being Too Negative: Things like “Don’t hit your brother” or “Don’t hide dad’s phone” are things your little one hears a lot. Using the same words over and over again makes them easy to ignore and they lose their power. Try explaining it; for example don’t say “don’t stand up in the bathtub”, instead try “we don’t stand up in the bathtub because you could fall and hurt yourself.”

5. Expecting too Much: You are sitting quietly in church and your toddler starts screaming. You hush them up but they do it again. Try taking on a teacher role with your child. Young children haven’t developed impulse control for public places yet. You could try explaining. For example; you could focus your child on how you would like them to behave. Such as whispering. Tell them “I’m being quiet because I’m in church but if I want to talk to Daddy, I whisper.” Kid naturally copy your behavior.

6. Stepping in Because We’re Annoyed: You hear your kids chasing each other around the house and you start yelling. Here you can practice selective ignoring. We, as parents, often feel the need to step in every time the kids are doing something child-like. Being the bad guy is stressing. Keep in mind that all though they are doing something you think is annoying, they may be exploring a new skill.

Written by Cleo Neufeld

Cleo Neufeld

Before meeting the love of her life, Cleo was a single mother to a beautiful little girl for many years. She shares her expertise in single parenting, building a relationship, living on a budget and more.