I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to BBQ season. Some would say it’s always BBQ time. Whichever team you’re on, here are some great hacks for your next BBQ get together.

#1) Keep drinks cold all day.
Freeze bottles of alcohol or juice inside an old fruit juice carton that is filled with water to create a custom sleeve. Dress it up by adding in some flowers or fruit slices.


#2) Cook corn on the cob in a cooler to save stove top space.
Grab yourself a cooler, clean it out properly and pour boiling water in with your corn on the cob. 30 minutes later, cooked corn. Who ever thought of this was a genius!


#3) Make an ice block for punch.
To make an ice block, just fill a container with water and freeze it overnight — you can use a loaf pan, a cake pan, or even a plastic butter container. To get the ice block out, turn it upside down in the sink and run hot water over the container until the ice block pops out.


#4) Skewer thin veggies for easier grilling.
Since grill baskets don’t work well with veggies like asparagus, skewing them will allow you to cook them to perfection.


#5) Make your BBQ grill stick proof.
To make your grill non-stick, all you need to do is cut an onion in half and rub the cut side on the heated grill grate.


#6) Muffin tin condiment display.
Use a muffin tin to hold condiments. It’s less messy and allows you to keep larger containers out of the sun.


#7) Upcycle a 6-pack bottle container.
Take an empty, well-cleaned 6-pack of beer and cover it with Washi tape to make it look cute. Use the bottles to condiments and other BBQ necessities as well.


#8) Grill fish on top of citric fruit.
This is will bring out the flavor tenfold. Yum!


#9) Keep flies out of your drinks.
Keep flies and other bugs out of your drinks by using mason jars, lids and cupcake liners.


#10) Make hot dogs fun to eat.
Use a wooden skewer and knife for a cool spiral look. Just insert a wooden skewer through the center of your hot dog. Hold a knife at a slight angle and cut down to the skewer as you roll the hot dog away from you. That’s all!


Written by Cleo Neufeld

Cleo Neufeld

Before meeting the love of her life, Cleo was a single mother to a beautiful little girl for many years. She shares her expertise in single parenting, building a relationship, living on a budget and more.